What is Crowdtesting and how do you use it? An Overview

Crowdtesting (crowdsourced testing) has its roots in the Open Source movement, Mozilla being the most famous organization building on crowdsourced testing and development. As organizations started to explore the potential of vast online communities contributing to various projects it was a logical step for the IT industry to also begin to draw on this new form of human resource pool. In the last decade crowdtesting also became part of the set of tools that companies use to develop commercial software, as it offers previously unattainable scalability and brings the unpredictability of a real environment into the QA process.


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The Importance of Testing

According to Gartner, more than 2.4 billion tablets and mobile phones were shipped by the end of 2014. The Apple App store and Google Play store each offer more than one million apps for users to download to their devices. So what keeps users from sticking to a specific app rather than switching to the next one? The basic functionality of an application needs to run flawlessly and solve the consumers’ need in an intuitive fashion.

Android Device Fragmentation
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“Fehlerhafte Software? Grauenhaft”: Meet vema

It’s time for another story from one of our testers. Meet vema, who was awarded Bird of the Month last July in the category Best Bug Finder. She is German and talks about her background and motivation as a tester. Enjoy!

Egal, ob es sich „nur“ um Rechtschreibfehler handelt oder die Webseite crasht, sobald eine bestimmte Funktion ausgeführt wird – für mich absolute No-Gos und im Privaten nicht selten das K.-o.-Kriterium für Webseiten, Apps und jedwede andere Art von Software.

vema on tour
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Crowdsourcing Leitfaden für Unternehmen

In Deutschland sind tausende von Menschen als Crowd Worker registriert. Sie übersetzen, generieren Ideen oder testen Software. In den letzten Jahren haben sich zahlreiche Varianten von Crowdsourcing, darunter auch das Crowdtesting von Apps und Webseiten, in Deutschland etabliert. Der Leitfaden Crowdsourcing des BITKOM gibt Unternehmensvertretern einen ersten Eindruck in die zahlreichen Möglichkeiten, die sich durch die Verfügbarkeit der Masse ergeben.
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