Come fly into the Nest

Recently, we had two surprise visitors. Silvano and his wife, both from Italy, decided to come by and say hello. They were on a road trip around Germany as well as other countries and, as freshly hatched Testbirds coming through Munich, wanted to meet the team and see what our Nest actually looks like.

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One week with my Shine

Last year, I bought myself a Sony Smartwach 2. Obviously, smartwatches haven’t been able to make a breakthrough yet, which is why I’m still getting cheeky comments about that device on my wrist (maybe the Apple iWatch will change that). Apparently, this is also how I became the “gadget guy”. For my recent birthday, my coworkers surprised me with a Shine, “the world’s most elegant physical activity monitor”. Needless to say – the perfect present for me. Thanks guys!

After wearing it for close to a week, I’m going to share my thoughts with you in this post.
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How to write a Non-Promotional Article

As someone working in Marketing and Public Relations, part of my job is to promote the business I work for. This includes writing content for various platforms and different kinds of readers. Therefore, I might approach a blog, website or magazine with a topic that I think is interesting to them and their audience. One of the most common responses I get is the following:

Sure you can write about this, but make sure it isn’t promotional!

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Smarter Apps Guidelines for Developers

Developing mobile applications is challenging. Different platforms, a myriad of devices and a wide range of user behavior are some important factors that have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, best practices help to share knowledge and establish common ground for mobile app development. The Smarter apps guidelines initiative by GSMA is a great example of developers sharing their insights and Testbirds is proud to support this!
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Gastbeitrag: Mein Workflow für Crowdtesting

Der folgende Beitrag kommt von unserem Bird vinni. Wir haben nachgefragt, wie er beim Testen vorgeht und auf was besonders zu achten ist.

Ich bin nun seit 9 Monaten Bird und habe mir in den Tests eine Art Workflow angeeignet um effizient zu testen. Diesen möchte ich heute mit euch teilen:

Da ich viel Zeit in der Uni verbringe, lasse ich mir die Mails von Testbirds auf mein Handy weiterleiten. So werde ich immer schnell über einen Test informiert und kann mich zügig anmelden. Bin ich dann für einen Test ausgewählt, versuche ich immer gleich zum Teststart mit dem Testen zu beginnen, um möglichst viele noch unentdeckte Bugs finden zu können. Continue reading

New Blog!

Today is St Nicholas’ Day – the perfect occasion to start our new blog!

Christmas season seems to be ideal for us to update. Around this time last year, a new version of our nest went live. A little later, the “Dudes” were introduced as part of the makeover of the Testbirds Website. Needless to say, it was time to update the blog as well (below a screenshot of the old one)!

Old Blog screen
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