How to Code – the Best Websites

Coding is misunderstood. Often it has conjured up images of reclusive individuals hiding behind computer screens with masses of jumbled numbers and letters building some kind of supercomputer, but not anymore! Through the power of the internet, coding is gaining a reputation for being an accessible way to build skills and enable us to change our career trajectories. Even if we don’t become the next Elon Musk, with how interconnected our lives have become with technology, it’s important to know how to sharpen our skills and evolve along with the demands in the workplace or understand how your business’ online presence interacts with customers, as often the smallest bug can be the deciding factor behind something being a success or failure; the devil is in the detail.

With that being said, our own, Sanjuna Budhani, would like to introduce you to a few of the best websites out there for those who want to know the intricacies behind websites and apps.

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Testbirds Holiday Apps: Stockholm

Ever fancied a trip to Scandinavia? Stockholm, a popular tourist destination for those looking to discover northern Europe, has a bustling big city feel, mixed with an authentic old town and an absolutely beautiful seaside. But how can you get the most out of your holiday in the Swedish capital? In this edition of Testbirds Holiday Apps, where our international employees present must-have apps for travelling their respective countries, Sahil Deva lets you know how your mobile phone can help you get around and experience Stockholm to its fullest.

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Testbirds Holiday Apps: Halloween

In the midst of Autumn, characterized by dead leaves that stain a cold ground an auburn hue and naked branches which caress your periphery vision, lies October. While often considered a month of preparation for the cold days that grow darker by the hour to come, it’s also a time where we appease the spirits and celebrate the dead through a very special holiday. On the 31st of October falls Halloween, a time honored festival where for one dreadful night, people come together to dress up as their worst nightmares, blackmail their neighbours into giving them treats and engulf themselves in insomnia inducing activities and stories.

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Anti-Virus Software for your smartphone – Do you use it?

Remember the time we actually went and purchased a CD with Anti-Virus Software from our PC Reseller? They were not that cheap, but it had to be done. We were afraid of hackers and viruses that may be planted into our PCs. But now we don’t even think for a second to give out our confidential details to an app, we just downloaded on our smartphone, which we carry around as our everyday mini PC.


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Review on the Caterpillar B 15: Rugged smartphone for digger drivers and outdoor enthusiasts

Have you ever heard about Caterpillar Smartphones? If you are thinking now: “Caterpillar? Don’t they produce diggers?” you are completely right. But Caterpillar is not only the world biggest producer of construction vehicles. Since a couple of years they are also doing shoes, accessories and mobile phones to use under extreme outdoor conditions.
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Latest trends in the travel segment

As a frequent traveller, I always try to be on top of the latest travel apps to make life easier when preparing for my holidays. Remember the time when you used to go to a travel agent to book flights, as there was no other option to do so yourself? Flight tickets were priced so high that it was a luxury to be able to fly far away during your summer break. Everything was planned carefully and booked well in advance to avoid disappointments. And boarding passes were handed out after the payment, which had to be kept safe until the flight date, as there was no chance of getting a second copy if you lost it. The closer you get to the date you are flying the more excited you get. Nowadays travel agents are becoming more and more irrelevant and we seem to trust new websites to book cheap flights. Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia and so on become our friends and we are our own travel agents.
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App Review: Duolingo

This week I have been reviewing the Duolingo App. As a native English speaker that arrived knowing only how to order a beer, I’ve struggled finding a fast and fun way to learn German. Since being here I have trialled numerous methods to start learning German. With books and Audio Cd’s failing miserably, I turned towards the app store for new inspiration. Out of all language apps such as Busuu, Memrise and Babbel, Duolingo seems to be making the most noise at the moment!

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One week with my Shine

Last year, I bought myself a Sony Smartwach 2. Obviously, smartwatches haven’t been able to make a breakthrough yet, which is why I’m still getting cheeky comments about that device on my wrist (maybe the Apple iWatch will change that). Apparently, this is also how I became the “gadget guy”. For my recent birthday, my coworkers surprised me with a Shine, “the world’s most elegant physical activity monitor”. Needless to say – the perfect present for me. Thanks guys!

After wearing it for close to a week, I’m going to share my thoughts with you in this post.
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