The Nest Landing Page Tests – Tester Edition

At Testbirds, we connect businesses with their end users to help companies fine tune their products, find out what users really want, and deliver the highest quality and most user-friendly end product, whether it’s on a desktop or a smart home device.

And we practice what we preach, so we undertook two usability tests on our very own “Nest” landing page! To ensure our own platform’s user interface is doing what we intend it to do; provide the smoothest and easiest experience for users.

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Webinar zu Load & Performance Testing am 01. Dezember

Eine Einführung in Last- und Performancetests – jetzt anmelden!

Seitdem wir im Mai dieses Jahres mit unserer Training Academy gestartet sind, ist daraus mittlerweile ein echtes Serienhighlight geworden, für das wir viel Zuspruch erhalten. Die ersten Webinare beschäftigten sich mit unserem Testing 4.0-Konzept (Crowdtesting und Cloud-Technologien) sowie der Erstellung von automatisierten Tests. Auf Basis Ihres Feedbacks haben wir nun neue Schwerpunkte gesetzt.

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Testbirds Training: Webinar on April 28th

Testbirds Training Academy

Come one, come all! Join our first Training Academy session on April 28th!

If you are a dedicated reader of this blog (or one of our awesome followers on social media) you have by now probably heard us using the term Testing 4.0 at least once or twice. And if you find it intriguing and would like to know more about what we’ve been up to in the last couple of months, you now have a grand opportunity to join us in this year’s first Testbirds Training Academy webinar.

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Industry 4.0: Testing the Internet of Things

Last week we described how the next industrial revolution is already happening. A big contributor to that revolution, Industry 4.0, is definitely the Internet of Things (IoT).

A while ago we talked about how the Internet of Things is entering both our homes as well as our everyday lives in a rapid pace.“Things” in the IoT term refers to an immense number of different devices: watches, dishwashers, lightning control, burglar alarms, hotel room keys and even intelligent athletic clothes streaming biometrics like heart rate. Continue reading

The Road to 100,000 Testers

Over the years, Testbirds has been growing at an astounding pace thanks to a team of highly dedicated individuals, a community that has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and astounding opportunities with some of the best clients in the world. Testbirds’ growth can be measured in a number of ways, but today we look at our tester numbers and can gladly say that we have reached a major milestone: 100,000 testers!

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Testbirds’ Healthy Computer Habits

Now-a-days, a majority of our waking hours take place in front of a computer. No matter the industry, a huge portion of the working force will find that they spend most of their office hours staring at a monitor. This sedentary lifestyle has led to numerous side effects that were previously unpredictable, which often have health implications. Today, Testbirds takes a look at three of the most common side effects as well as provides some tips that can lower the risk of computer-related injuries.

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