How Testbirds was born: What I’ve learned from evaluating business ideas

The Testbirds founders Markus Steinhauser, Georg Hansbauer and Philipp Benkler in the early days

When you want to start a business, at the very beginning there is only an idea. Back in 2011, we had a completely different idea before we started thinking about Crowdtesting and Testbirds – we looked into mobile payment.

We evaluated the idea for quite a long time: eight months part-time, while working elsewhere. We spoke to many stakeholders and gave it a lot of thought. In the end, we decided that our idea was too risky, as too much investment would have been necessary and the success of such a business depends on many external factors and stakeholders. With the idea for Crowdtesting and Testbirds it was the complete opposite – it was born in only a week! We quickly evaluated it full-time and decided to found a company based on it.

What I have learned from this process? We carried the mobile payment idea with us for too long before deciding that we were not going to do it. Evaluate your idea quickly and consistently, talk to people about it and then bring it to life! Hard decisions must be made in these kinds of situations. If you are not sure about the idea, most likely it’s not the right idea to make a business out of.

1 Comment How Testbirds was born: What I’ve learned from evaluating business ideas

  1. Jelmer

    It’s fun to read how a business starts. Could you also give an insight on how things started to grow for Testbirds?

    Did you first focus on Germany? Do you actively recruit new clients, or do the most clients find you?

    What is your vision for Testbirds? Is crowdtesting going to grow further? Or has the newly GRDN the future? Those are two very different approaches. Crowdtestings eliminates having workers and devices, where GRDN eliminates devices but still needs workers.


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