Tweeting Birds Are the First Sign that Spring has Sprung

Spring is the time of the year when everything comes to life. At Testbirds, the spring came early!

In mid-March, Testbirds received a round of Series A funding worth €2.1 million. The leading investor is the French venture capital firm Seventure Partners. TechCrunch, among other publications, featured an article on the investment based on their interview with Philipp, one of Testbirds’ co-founders and CEO.

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Testbirds Starting the New Year with a Kick-Off

BnW with Green Logo

All around the world, the New Year was welcomed with spectacular fireworks. Testbirds, however, welcomed 2014 with a big bang.

What is a Bird without a Tree to Nest In?

We kick-started 2014 by moving our office ‘nest’ from Guerickestraße to Radlkoferstraße, making it Testbirds’ third office in Munich. Over the course of three weeks, Testbirds has built its office ‘nest’ under the lead of dedicated Decoration Managers, Mariana and Martina, and the Kitchen Supply Manager, Frank. As a result, Testbirds’ office has become an inviting and creative working space. Continue reading

How to write a Non-Promotional Article

As someone working in Marketing and Public Relations, part of my job is to promote the business I work for. This includes writing content for various platforms and different kinds of readers. Therefore, I might approach a blog, website or magazine with a topic that I think is interesting to them and their audience. One of the most common responses I get is the following:

Sure you can write about this, but make sure it isn’t promotional!

A bit of a predicament, right? So here we go, my 5 points on how to write non-promotional articles: Continue reading