Testbirds Teaches Innovative Testing Solutions in First Ever Training Academy!

A month ago we announced that the first webinar of our Training Academy was taking place. Our goal was to provide you with access to practical and applicable knowledge that emphasises on testing using our core competencies, crowd and cloud technologies.

Thank you for attending our first training session and for the great questions you asked during the webinar. We were thrilled to have had 40 participants join our first Training Academy and were very happy to receive invaluable feedback from clients, testers and people who are interested in software testing from all over the world.

For those who couldn’t make it, we would like to briefly tell you what it was all about. Today’s software testing landscape is rapidly changing. Therefore, our CEO and founder, Philipp Benkler, explained that companies now face different challenges depending on the stage of development lifecycle they find themselves in:

  • Organisational blindness: How can you find unbiased users who aren’t familiar with your company?
  • Target group relevance: Do you have the right target group?
  • Lack of resources: How can you perform comprehensive testing despite time pressures and budget restrictions?
  • Device diversity: Do you have all the devices you need to test with?

Depending on your needs and your current stage of development, our project managers set up your test. In the concept phase, for example, one major challenge is finding a well-structured menu that provides all the information necessary to meet your target group’s necessities and desires.

Do you want to know more about our testing services? Would you like to watch or rewatch our last training session? Contact us now to learn all about the new world of software testing!

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