Testbirds Training Academy: Automated Testing Webinar on the 3rd August

Testbirds Training Academy

Testing software, whether it’s apps, websites or other software, can always be challenging. There are so many factors that come into play when wanting to assure the quality of your digital products. What’s the best time in the development cycle to start testing? Is there a way to continuously test? How about receiving elaborate feedback from your end-users on usability issues, functionality issues, or both? And how does automated testing work?

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, because at Testbirds we love to share the knowledge and experiences we’ve built up over the years. It’s the reason we introduced our very own Training Academy at the beginning of this year. The Training Academy consists of practical and applicable trainings, courses or workshops for all different knowledge levels. Back in April, we’ve presented our very first webinar in which we introduced Testing 4.0, the encompassing test approach that brings together cloud and crowd technologies. Now, we’re organising a second webinar and this time it’s all about automated testing.

All things Automated Testing

Automated testing, or test automation, is the use of dedicated software to manage the execution of tests. Additionally, it enables the comparison of the outcomes of the test to the outcomes that were actually expected. This new webinar, freely accessible on the 3rd August, is for everyone who wants to know more about the possibilities and benefits of automated testing. Learn about its basics: what is automated testing actually? How does it relate to manual testing? When should it be applied? And what does virtualisation have to do with it? These questions and more will be answered during the webinar on August, 3rd.

In addition, participants to our webinar will also learn how we handle automated testing here at Testbirds. Specifically, they’ll gain insights about TestChameleon™, an exclusive test solution we’ve developed, that enables manual and automated tests in combination with virtual machines. TestChameleon™ allows our clients to create completely virtualised test environments, whether it’s Windows, OS X, Linux or a mobile variant thereof. These environments are fully customisable to match our customer’s requirements. Read more about TestChameleon™ in this blog post by Franziska and learn all about it in our webinar.

On the agenda

Here’s a quick breakdown of the content of the webinar:

  • Introduction to Automated Testing:
    What is automated testing? What are the benefits? How does it differ from manual testing?
  • When and how to use Automated Testing:
    Practical insights to the basics of automated testing, by utilising a client’s website/app.
  • TestChameleon introduction:
    Learn about virtualisation and test case execution.
  • Details and registration

    Date: Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 4 pm CEST (German Time) / 3 pm BST (UK Time)
    Costs: Free
    Presenter: Georg Hansbauer – Managing Director and co-founder of Testbirds

    After registration we will send you an email with the call in details. Runtime of this session will be around one hour.

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