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Global Partner Program Crowdtesting everywhere

Are you impressed by Testbirds and our portfolio and want to offer our services to your clients or in your country? We offer our partners several cooperation models.

Testbirds Partner Program – in Good Company

Building a better digital world – together

Testbirds are helping clients create digital products that people really love. Testbirds’ Crowdtesting services offer a comprehensive, high-quality testing experience adaptable to the individual needs of clients with a focus on the quality assurance and usability of digital products.

It doesn’t matter if it’s apps, websites, Internet-of-Things devices (IoT), or the newest tech innovations – we have the ability to test any digital experience. With over 600,000 testers worldwide in 193 countries – Testbirds is a world-leading Crowdtesting provider.

Your Advantages

Our Crowd – any Target Group

Anticipate the needs of specific target groups with more than 65 demographic criteria to choose from.


Testers are available on-demand and their testing expertise is applicable for all stages of development.

Testing in the Real World

Real users test on a large variety of real devices in real-world conditions.

Flexible Scalability

Our Crowd enables a quick turn-around, frees up in-house resources, and reduces time-to-market.

What is Crowdtesting

Leverage the power of the Crowd

Crowdtesting means to test and optimize the user-friendliness, usability, and functionality of any digital product in real-world conditions, using the collective power of a global online community – our Crowd.

Real users, consisting of both regular end-users and testing experts, deliver unbiased, valuable feedback – overcoming the organizational blindness that comes with in-house testing. Give your clients access to specialized skills, unlimited scalability, and complete geographic coverage.


Facts and figures


Different real end-user devices











Trusted Partner

We meet our partners as equals, grow with them, and develop win-win solutions that create true value. Your success is our success – this is our commitment as a trusted partner.

Unmatched Flexibility

Comprehensive, high-quality testing experience adaptable to the individual needs of your clients.

Holistic Approach to Quality

From our flexible commercial model (credit-based BirdCoins), a user-friendly Crowdtesting platform, and in-house expert project managers, to a team dedicated to Crowd relations.

New Revenue Streams

Becoming a Testbirds Partner is the perfect opportunity to drive new sales, differentiate your company, and profit from recurring revenue.

Testbirds Partner Program – all details at a glance

As our Partner, you get competitive discounts and high-quality sales & technical trainings. Based on membership status, we provide different delivery models and financial benefits.

Silver Partner

Silver status is for members who want to start a partnership with Testbirds – without revenue requirements.

Webcast Training

Formal Contract

Gold Partner

Gold partners receive a rich set of financial benefits and discounts on our Testbirds Delivery Model.

Advanced Training

200k Annual Business Sales

Platinum Partner

Platinum partners are rewarded with the highest level of benefits and a flexible discount model on our Partner & Testbirds Delivery

Platinum Training

1M Annual Business Sales

Sales & Marketing
Referral Rebates
Sales Support
GTM (Go-to-Market) Planning with Partner Manager
MDF (Market Development Funds)
Webcast Training
Advanced Training On-Site
Platinum Training
Delivery & Discount Model
Testbirds Delivery:
Professional support and responsibility for your
customer throughout the entire testing process managed by Testbirds.
Attractive discounts on our services
Partner Delivery:
Access to our Crowdtesting platform.
Our partner is enabled to manage the entire testing process.
Most attractive discounts – get in touch
How it works

Become a Crowdtesting Expert

We support you at every stage of your Testbirds journey. Our regular training provides you with the knowledge you need to convincingly present our innovative Crowdtesting solutions.

Get on Board

Once registered, you get all the information about our program, services, insights, and training sessions that you need to succeed.

Continuous Learning

Receive invitations for on-site trainings such as Lunch & Learn or Webcast sessions where you get important updates.

Advanced Training

Advanced technical & sales training – e.g. synchronising end-report quality, understanding of our tester recruitment, and in-depth, exclusive customer case studies.

Last but not least

Platinum Training

Our Partner Delivery Training Model will authorize you to autonomously manage projects.

3 day deep-dive in platform management
Extensive 6 month support from Testbirds
10 days of shadowing with our experienced team
1 day of supervision on-site
Get in touch

Do you have questions about our Partner Program?

Our Partner Managers are ready to answer all your questions on joining the program.

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