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Localization Testing

Prepare your product for any market and any language. Let the Crowd show you what you need to adapt if you want to win their trust.

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Advantages of Localization Testing

With localization testing you assure that your translations are not only correct, but also easily understood by your customers, contextually accurate, and graphically flawless. Testers from our Crowd will give you feedback on localizations to make sure that you say what you intend and users understand your product, in regard to language and culture.

Let locals check your content for errors
Ensure that your UX is suitable for its intended market
Access native speakers from 193 countries
Test in real-world conditions and directly on site
The Challenge

Foreign countries, foreign languages

Germany, France, USA, Thailand, Brazil… Internationalization has taken the business world by storm. Thanks to this, companies are no longer limited to domestic markets. This means that content in a piece of software needs to be translated to all relevant languages.

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During this process, not only do errors in translation and faulty expressions come to light, but malfunctioning graphics due to differences in length or characters can also occur.

In addition, other issues – such as temperatures or formatting of date and time – all need to be adapted to local standards. However, in-house software testing departments can’t be proficient in every language and culture in the global market in which their digital products are distributed.

Furthermore, it’s nearly impossible for in-house teams to check whether applications are loading successfully in each respective country when factoring in local technical differences, such as network speeds.

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The Solution

Gain access to native speakers in your target markets

Thanks to our global online community of over 1,000,000 testers we can ensure the localization of your website, shop, or app on a worldwide basis. From Albania to Zimbabwe, your application will be tested by native speakers in your specific target market and in real-world conditions.

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The test group can be chosen based on more than 65 demographic criteria that match your customer base. Additionally, while your internal quality assurance teams can ensure that the content of your software is perfect for the UK market, our Crowd can also give you access to specific regional characteristics such as network range and transmission speeds.

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What is Localization Testing?

Orthography, grammar, expressions, formatting, and special characters – the internationalization of software comes with a number of considerations that can become problems.

Websites today are often available in multiple languages, but that doesn’t mean that they’re truly local. Localization is more than just translating text, its aim is to make the product look and feel like it was specifically created to meet the needs of the regional target audience. A localized product helps you introduce your product to locals, and subsequently create more business opportunities and expansion.

Software localization is more than just language localization. You need to make sure that your digital product adheres to local culture and standards as well. Therefore, the main areas relevant for localization are content and user interface.

As a consequence, a localization test plan should not only cover the language itself but also aspects such as currency or date and time format. Testers will also check the UI and language for cultural appropriateness as part of the quality assurance (QA) process.

What's the Difference

Localization vs internationalization


  • Localization testing ensures the quality of a product for a specific region. Localization adds local specific components and translated texts.
  • It ensures that your digital product is adapted to a certain group of users from a certain region with a certain culture.
  • Localization testing is focused on content and UX.


  • Internationalization or globalization ensures that the code can handle any type of international input.
  • International software should be designed in a way that you don’t have to redesign the entire product just because different languages are used.
  • Internationalization testing focuses on code and software optimization to make localization possible.
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